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Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy runs after school classes at Deddington and Woodstock Primary Schools. A term of ten classes finishes with a short presentation or showcase to parents - and often to the rest of the school. We also stage full scale productions in schools or assist schools in staging their own shows.
Our Saturday morning musical theatre classes are based in Witney and cater for children from 4 to 16 years of age. At the end of every term there is either a showcase for parents or we work towards a full scale musical production which usually takes placve in the 250 seat Henry Box School theatre..
We also run weekday classes in Bladon aimed at home educated children who wish to experience drama and musical theatre. The fun workshops always culminate in a concert or musical production. 

During the holdiays we run Show in a Week courses where we rehearse a production in 6 days with a performance to friends and family at the end of the course. 

To enrol or book onto any Spotlight course please go to BOOK page. If you would like further infomration please complete the contact form or e-mail us.


  1. Alicia Rumsby
    Alicia Rumsby
    Alicia Rumsby is an experienced musical theatre director who has staged shows all over Oxfordshire from Annie to Les Miserables with schools and youth groups.
  2. Seb Heffer
    Seb Heffer
    Sebastian Heffer is a professional actor who has taught for a number of stage schools in the county and who now works full time for Spotlight.
  3. Heather Rumsby
    Heather Rumsby
    Heather Rumsby has taken leading roles in numerous shows around the county. She is a trained dancer with a distinction the Royal Academy of Dance grade 8 examination.


Show in a Week

Christmas Workshops

Spotlight Witney